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Architectural Finish


Architectural Finish is a single component, cement based, polymer-modified material specially formulated for rubbing, smoothing, repairing and restoring vertical or overhead concrete surfaces.

Architectural Finish is a trowel applied mortar designed to eliminate small concrete surface blemishes, rough areas, bug holes, form marks on poured walls, tilt-up and precast. The material dries a light gray color and can be sanded to provide a smooth finish.

The Architectural Finish™ develops a high strength that is compatible with concrete and is not sensitive to water after curing. Applications are on vertical or overhead surfaces interior or exterior and above or below grade.

Features/ Details:

    • Fine silica aggregate provides smooth surface
    • Easy To Use; Just Mix With Water
    • Color Blended To dry Light Gray
    • 30 Minutes Working Time
    • Interior or exterior applications
    • Can be left exposed, not sensitive to moisture.
    • Self-Curing in 70° F (21° C), 50% Relative Humidity


 Product Number Description Packaging
  DS 308236 Architectural Finish  50 lbs bag

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