We produce ready-mix concrete at our batch plant on Lang Street. Whether it’s large commercial work, residential jobs, or industrial pours, no job is too big or too small!

When selecting a particular concrete mix,
consider these parameters:
The solution –
Select a concrete that will fit the purpose
Is the strength adequate to support the load? Consider a structural concrete 4000 psi and up.
Is the concrete used as a wearing surface? The choice for a wearing surface should always be at least 5.5 sk.
Is the concrete exposed to freeze-thaw conditions? The choice should be air entrained 5.5 sk minimum with a low water cement ration 0.49 or less.
Always use a sealer on concrete!

Ready-Mix Volume Calculator - Slab


Effect of Water Reducers on Slump

Water Cement Ratio

Water Cement Ratio

Colored Concrete Best Practices

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