Our sand and gravel are mined in Palmer and shipped to town by rail. The railcars are then unloaded at the Terminal in the Klatt Pit facilities area. The sand and gravel are crushed, screened, washed, and sold at the Klatt Pit Scale House as well as the Building Materials Store on Highland Street.

Aggregate (9)

Sand (7)

Pit Run Gravel (1)

Rip Rap (3)

Landscaping Rock (3)

Recycled Materials (2)

Delivery InfoTrucks

Delivery Orders
Customers seeking delivery need to specify the number of trucks required and the approximate number of hours of delivery required by each truck. Additionally, the customer must specify the type of material to be delivered and the approximate total number of tons required for the project.


  • Single Truck Orders: One (1) hour
  • Multiple Truck Orders: Four (4) hours per truck
  • Minimum Aggregate Delivery: One (1) ton of material

Jobsite Access
The contractor or customer is responsible for maintaining suitable accessibility to the project site. Any costs incurred due to improperly maintained ingress, egress, or job site unloading area will be charged to the customer. Some examples include the following:

  • Wrecker charges
  • Dozer rental
  • Damage to delivery trucks

Each customer will pay trucking charges for undeliverable loads resulting from poor road conditions, lack of clearance, and other steep or undrivable terrain. Residential deliveries will be made with end dumps only.

Standby Time
AS&G will allow five (5) minutes free unloading time at the job site. All time beyond these five minutes will be charged at the appropriate standby rate.

All transportation costs besides those included in the FOB destination prices shall be paid for by the customer.

Point of Origin
Point of origin shall be the Klatt Road Terminal facility or other AS&G facilities from which materials are delivered.

Spring Road Restrictions Period
All delivery rates by the ton or truck load are void during weight limit restriction periods.