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Block Delivery

All transportation costs other than those included in the FOB destination prices shall be paid by the customer. Starting point for all concrete block deliveries will be Anchorage Sand & Gravel Co., Inc. on Klatt Road. Deliveries are subject to lift fees and minimum charges, which may vary depending on cube weights and road restrictions.

Free unloading time will be limited to 45 minutes. Additional unloading time due to customer special requests and/or job conditions will be charged at the current truck rate. Some examples include the following:
- request to stock or spot blocks

- request to move blocks previously delivered

- request to wait for other crafts or general contractor

- poor job conditions

- traffic congestion at job site.

Pallets are returnable and refundable. For better protection, blocks are also available on covered, banded and/or bottom covered pallets for an additional fee. Covers and bands are not returnable or refundable.

An additional winter delivery charge will be added for Anchorage and the Lower Hillside areas from November 1 - April 30.

Special Order

Special orders are defined as block requiring a special production run. All block made will be charged to the customer's account and no credit will be issued for any portion of the special order that may be in excess of your requirements. If additional quantities are required, a new order must be written. The prices on a new order are subject to change depending on quantities ordered and time involved in changing molds. Each special order is subject to a fee.
If the Block plant must be started for a winter production run, a start-up fee will be charged.

Colored Block

Special order colored concrete block will be produced in the amounts specified by the customer. The contractor shall be billed for all colored concrete block produced with no returns allowed.
Uniformity of color in concrete block shall be only to the extent that has been established as the industry standard in the Anchorage area.