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Lythic Protector


Lythic Protector is a colloidal silica‐based breathable penetrating concrete sealer that protects concrete floors and enhances the appearance of decorative concrete finishes. It is a unique product that improves surface hardness through colloidal silica reaction, and is formulated to promote water repellence.

Lythic Protector advances the effectiveness of traditional stain protectors by adding silica to the concrete, further toughening it against abrasion.

Lythic Protector brings out color, giving a slight “wet look” that works excellently with exposed aggregate. It cures for foot traffic within 24 hours, and improves slip resistance.

Lythic Protector also contains lithium for extra water repellency. It is shipped as a concentrate to save on shipping costs and environmental impacts.


 Product Number Description Size
BFLY 4001 Lythic Protector  1 gal
BFLY 4005 Lythic Protector  5 gal

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