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Rod Clamp & Tightener


The Rod Clamps are cast malleable iron clamps used with smooth or deformed 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" rod to tie forms. The rod is clamped securely by a bolt or nut/bolt combination. Nail holes are provided to affix the clamp to the wales.

The Tightening Wrench is made from ductile iron steel.
Rod Clamp Tighteners are for sale only.

Product Number Description Size Available for Rent?
MB 600031 Rod Clamp D-12 S #2-3/8 Yes
MB 600015  Rod Clamp D-12 S  #1-1/4 Yes
MB 201016  Rod Clamp Tightener D-14  1/4" No
MB 201029 Rod Clamp Tightener D-14 3/8" No

Rentals are based on a 28-day minimum.

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