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Building materials

The hundreds of products associated with concrete and masonry work -- such as tools, epoxies and curing agents -- are sold out of our Building Materials warehouse. We also sack aggregates and concrete mixes in 60-lb. sacks for sale to hardware stores and the general public. To help you find the product(s) you need as quickly as possible, please browse by category below - or call us anytime

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ADA Detectable Warning Plates
Detectable Warning Plates serve as a warning device for the visually impaired of the approaching street.
Concrete Fiber Reinforcement Products
Choose from Forta Goldenair, Mighty Mono, Ultra-Net or Forta-Ferro.
Concrete Accessories

Nails & Curing Blankets; Korolath Shims & Chamfer Strips; Zip Strips and more.
Sto Therm ci Classic
Exterior Insulation & Finish System (EIFS)

Sto developed the first continuous insulation and finish system in the early 1960s and has become the expert in exterior thermal insulation systems. Today, building science experts agree that continuous exterior insulation is the most effective way to insulate the building envelope for energy savings.

Expansion / Joint Fillers

We carry concrete repair products, semi-rigid joint fillers, premolded fiber boards and closed cell expansion joint fillers from Metzger/ McGuire and W.R. Meadows.

Decorative Concrete
BRICKFORM, the leader in Decorative Concrete, is proud to offer the largest selection of texture patterns and concrete coloring options with the highest degree of quality and precision.
Geotextile Fabric
AS&G stocks a wide variety of Hanes Geotechnical products to meet soil reinforcement, sedimentation control, erosion control, drainage and waterproofing applications.
Plastering & Accessories
We supply Industrial Plasters as well as plastering accessories.
Rebar & Accessories
We carry a variety of rebar products, wire fabric, tie wire, bar chairs and other rebar accessories.
Flue Lining
Refractories & Fireplace Accessories
We carry refractory products and fireplace accessories from Mutual Materials and Vestal.

Dayton Superior has been instrumental in developing and manufacturing the hardware necessary for this method of construction.
Trowel Plastic Texture Float

We carry tools from Kraft Tools, Marshall Town USA and Wind-Lock.  If you don't see what you need, contact the Sales Counter for a special order.

Waterstops are available made from PVC or rubber-based.