Our precast panels help achieve LEED certification in a variety of ways, including their ability to be recycled, local manufacturing capability and thermal mass and insulated cores. All of these attributes help reduce the expended energy needed to manufacture, transport and erect materials, which are key LEED requirements. Other items we produce using LEED mix are barriers, planters, vaults, bollards and landscape blocks.

Precast Concrete Potential Points:

Credit or Prerequisite Potential Points LEED Category
Sustainablesites Credit 5.1: Site Development – Protect or Restore Habitat 1
Sustainable sites Credit 7.1: Heat Island effect- Nonproof 1
Energy & Atmosphere Prerequisite 2: Minimum Energy Performance
Energy & Atmosphere Credit 1: Optimize Energy Performance 1 – 19
Materials & Resources Credit 2: Construction Waste Management 12
Materials & Resources Credit 4: Recycled Content 12
Materials & Resources Credit 5: Regional Materials 12
Indoor Environmental Quality Credit 3.1: Construction Indoor Air Quality Management – during construction 1
Innovation in Design Credit 1: Innovation in Design 15
Innovation in Design Credit 2: LEED Accredited Professional 1


Recycled content varies by color for some products due to the recycled content of the material components utilized.