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Pre-Cast Concrete Company (PCC) has a large selection of standard products in stock. We also have the flexibility to help design new pre-cast concrete solutions, produce detailed shop drawings, build forms or use existing forms, and manufacture what is needed.

We supply standard and custom concrete products for electric, communications and utility companies that meet or exceed Municipality of Anchorage and State DOT Specifications. PCC also supplies concrete products for new construction, landscaping and security projects throughout the State.


  • Precast & Pre-Stress
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Pre-Cast Concrete Company (PCC) was established in 1977 by John McGee. PCC grew over the years while building products for the local utility companies and supplying various pre-cast products throughout Alaska.

In February of 2000, Anchorage Sand & Gravel purchased PCC, and in the spring of 2003 we moved to our present location at 11360 Lang Street. We now have a larger shop and yard, allowing greater productivity and the capacity to serve our customers with quality concrete products year round.