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VS 5 Eco Paver System

VS 5TM ECO pavements are the solution to deal with stormwater runoff. They are very effective in providing infiltration at the spot, allowing rainwater to pass through joints between the stones, through aggregate layers for temporary storage, filtering, and treatment and eventually it is released to the ground water.

Permable pavements provide a flexible surface and are excellent for the Alaskan freeze-thaw environment.

The long-term infiltration rate is estimated at 3.8 inch per hour for a 20-year life. It is recommended to provide drainage swales to handle flows that exceed the design rainstorm.

VS 5TM ECO pavers are suitable for all trafficked areas for vehicle and/ or pedestrian traffic in commercial, public or residential projects. LEED® credits are possible for recycled content and locally manufacuring.

1.78 pavers per square foot.

VS 5 Eco Paver
 Size  8-7/8" x 8-7/8" x 3-1/3"
 Weight  20 lbs
 No./ Pallet 140
 Color  Gray Aurora Red



VS5 Eco Block Water Infiltration

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