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Geogrid AXG

AllianceGeoThe AllianceGeo UX geogrid series is designed for use in grade separation applications. The geogrids are manufactured with high molecular weight, high tenacity, polyester yarns using a precision knitting process.

UX geogrids are dimensionally stable and through a uniform network of ribs and apertures provide tensile reinforcement to the surrounding soil. UX geogrids are offer resistance to installation damage. They are also chemically stable and thereby appropriate for use in for soil pH levels between 2.0 and 12.0.

UX geogrids are resistant to attack by soil micro-organisms and a black PVC coating ensures they are unaffected when exposed to ultra-violet radiation for prolonged periods.


  • Modular block retaining walls
  • Concrete Panel retaining walls
  • Wire mesh retaining walls
  • Steep slopes

 Product Number Description Size Weight/ Roll 
AGAXG19 AXG 19 Uniaxial Geogrid  6 ft x 300 ft   95 lbs 
AGAXG26  AXG 26 Uniaxial Geogrid  6 ft x 300 ft  100 lbs

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