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In Compliance with the ADEC

Permits to operate a soil treatment facility are provided and enforced by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC). Additionally, the ADEC has a well developed program that regulates the responsibilities an owner may have when contaminated soils are generated. Required permits and certifications to operate a treatment facility in Alaska include:

  • State approved Facility Operations Plan – ADEC, Contaminated Sites Program
  • EPA Air Quality Control Permit – ADEC, division of Air Quality
  • Nondomestic Storm Water Management Plan – ADEC, division of Water
  • Certification of fiscal responsibility/bonding - ADEC, Contaminated Sites Program.

Soil Acceptance

Soil acceptance criteria at our facility is based on the Alaska Administrative Code (AAC) and individual ADEC guidance documents.

The list of guidelines below is not to be taken as comprehensive, but it covers the majority of the ADEC programs for handling contaminated soil in a way the state feels to be protective to human health, safety and welfare of the environment.