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Pre-Stressed Concrete

Anchorage Sand & Gravel is now offering girders, panels, and other pre-stressed concrete products,  at its Precast Concrete division.  AS&G was the first in Alaska to start pre-stressing in 1959; the old Eagle River bridge being one of the structures standing the test of time.



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Pre-stressed concrete has been proving its versatility in bridge and deck construction, dams and retaining walls, tiebacks, pavements, poles, piling and in repairing existing structures.
Pre-stressed structures are especially economical for longer spans, shallower depths, and short construction time allowing impressive savings of concrete and steel versus old-design reinforced structures.

According to an article published by the Alaska DOT, "concrete bridges are a practical way to deal with Alaska's many design and construction challenges, including short construction season, remote locations, temperature extremes, seismic demands, and coastal environments."

In buildings, the depth of beams and girders can be greatly reduced as the thickness of the slab is reduced allowing more head room. Also, more stories can be added at any time with the roof becoming the floor for the added story. 

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