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Monday - Friday
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Concrete Service Guide

Our goal is to be “On Time” 100% of the time. On time for us is based on 10 minutes before the agreed time of delivery or 10 minutes after that time. This variance is due to traffic conditions, weather and other factors out of our control. Truck spacing is also very critical, and we are committed to supplying each pour until its completion.

AS&G prides itself on first come first serve scheduling. We will not move your order (regardless of size) and replace it with another order (regardless of size) providing you follow the above guidelines.

Placing Orders

Customer Service Representatives will be on hand to schedule your concrete orders according to our Seasonal Schedule.

Delivery Times

During high season, concrete deliveries are available from 5:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Saturdays 6:00 am to Noon. Saturdays are overtime deliveries which require an additional delivery charge. See our seasonal schedule for current hours.

All orders should be placed through Concrete Dispatch at (907) 348-6400. These calls are recorded for quality and Service. Placing new orders over our radio is discouraged and will be the responsibility of the customer due to the lack of recording verification.

Please provide Concrete Dispatch with an accurate delivery addresses and driving instructions. Deliveries may not be made without correct address.

Yardage Adjustments

We ask that you please confirm a “Maximum Quantity” needed. Going over this quantity does sometimes happen, but risks slower service and possibly an additional short load charge.

Will Call Orders

We welcome "Will Call" orders, but all “Will Calls” need to be confirmed well in advance to ensure on-time delivery. First round “Will Calls” (prior to 9:00 am) need to be confirmed the previous afternoon by 3:00 pm. Orders from 9:00 am on need to be confirmed 2 hours prior to delivery to ensure your time as scheduled.

Any first round “Will Call” orders not confirmed the previous afternoon, will be subject to removal. “Will Calls” after first round, not confirmed 2 hours prior to delivery time, are subject to rescheduling.

All Saturday orders need to be confirmed by noon Friday. Orders taken or confirmed after this time are subject to availability.

Standing Orders

Standing Orders are also welcome providing the customer follows the “Will Call” guidelines and uses those orders that are placed. AS&G understands that sometimes “stuff” happens, but to ensure quality service, good communication is a must. Customers not confirming or canceling a single standing order risk the removal of the remainder of those standing orders.

Short Loads / Leftovers

Four or more yards is considered a full load. Loads below this amount are subject to short load charges. If you order a load and a clean-up, you will not be charged a short load for the first clean-up.

Delivery Charges

There are no delivery charges in the Anchorage areas. Outside areas carry an additional charge per truck.

Unloading Time

Unloading time of over 5 minutes per cubic yard will be subject to standby charges unless otherwise quoted.


AS&G is committed to Safety. Our drivers are instructed that safety is their first priority. Under no circumstance are they to put themselves or their trucks in harms way. If they do not feel safe getting into a jobsite, they are instructed not to proceed. Our sales staff is available to visit and assess your jobsite ahead of time at no charge to you. Please feel free to give them a call at (907) 348-6711.

If our truck happens to get stuck on the jobsite, the customer is responsible for any wrecker bill or damage that may occur in the removal of the truck.