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Geotextile Fabric

AS&G stocks a wide variety of Hanes Geotechnical products to meet soil reinforcement, sedimentation control, erosion control, drainage and waterproofing applications. For more information regarding specific product applications, please contact AS&G.


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Woven Geotextiles

TerraTex® woven geotextiles are designed and manufactured for many construction applications. They are made of polypropylene filaments that are formed into a stable network such that they retain their relative position.

They perform the three primary functions of a geotextile: separation (separating the native subgrade from an aggregate layer); reinforcement (reinforcing an area by distributing weight over a wider area); and filtration (retaining soil while allowing the passage of water).

Non-Woven Textiles

TerraTex® nonwoven geotextiles are designed and manufactured for construction applications. They perform the three primary functions of a geotextile: separation, reinforcement, and filtration.

These geotextiles have a random, three-dimensional pore structure and are highly water-permeable.

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