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Texturing Products


BRICKFORM, the leader in Decorative Concrete, is proud to offer the largest selection of texture patterns with the highest degree of quality and precision.

Our large selection of unique patterns and designs give the Architect and the Homeowner the options they need to create something truly special.

The precision design, durability, and easy use give Contractors the tools they need to make those visions into realities.

 Product Number Description Packaging
 BFFM 540B London Cobble Texturing Mat (Blue) Each
 BFFM 3400B Walkway Slate Texturing Mat (Blue) Each
 BFFM 2754 Granite Set Each
 BFFM 3150B Ashlar Cut Slate (Blue) Each
 BFFM K4M2N Sierra (Large Standard Flex) Each
 BFFM E4M2N Sanded Slate (Large Standard Flex) Each

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