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MasterPel 240

basf-logoMasterPel 240 multipurpose admixture is used in a variety of water-repellent and
efflorescence control applications. This unique formula is based on a novel silane chemistry that is different from that of conventional water-repellent admixtures in the concrete industry.


• Unique formulation.
• Part of block producer water-repellency certification program.
• Contains components that enhance color and reduce efflorescence potential.
• Provides improved material flow and extrusion characteristics.


• Superior water repellency versus conventional water-repellent admixtures.
• Significantly reduces secondary efflorescence (improves primary efflorescence control).
• Improves color vibrance and pigment efficiency.
• Increases compressive and flexural strengths.
• Increases production rate.
• Adds visual appeal.

 Product Number Description Size
  BA 559 675 65   MasterPel 240 Mortar Admix  6 oz Pouch 

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