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DRY-BLOCK® Mortar Admixture

graceconstructionlogoAn integral water-repellent admixture for mortar. When used in combination with concrete
masonry units containing Dry-Block® Block Admixture, it constitutes the integral water-repellent system of choice for concrete masonry construction.

The dosage rate for Dry-Block® Mortar Admixture is one (32 oz.) bottle for each bag of
portland cement. Recommended sequence for mixing:
1. Add: 2⁄3 of the water to the mixer.
2. Add: Dry Block.
3. Add: Sand.
4. Add: Cement and Lime.
5. Add: Additional water as necessary.
6. Mix: A minimum of 5 additional minutes after all materials have been added to the mixer.

 Product Number Description Size
  WG 1529   Dry-Block   Quart

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