For renovation of existing buildings, demolished concrete can also be recycled.  If a building is going to be deconstructed, the concrete in the building could be reused as base aggregate and potentially concrete aggregates.  This can also assist in achieving points as the dollar value of reused materials is totaled.

RECYCLED CONTENT – MR Credit 4.1, 4.2
(Pre-Consumer / Post-Consumer)
Items such as Fly Ash, Slag, Silica Fume, and Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA) are recycled materials that would otherwise be discarded.  The amount of these materials used within a product, such as concrete, contributes to the total recycled materials content of the building and therefore more points may be available.

AS&G’s LEED concrete mix designs contain:

  • LEED 1 – LEED 5, 8 and 9 – 20% Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA) by weight.
  • LEED 6 – LEED 7 – 20% RCA and 20% Fly Ash by weight.
    Anchorage Sand & Gravel can supply the appropriate documentation needed for your LEED submittal packet.

AS&G Concrete Mix Designs:

Please specify any of the following LEED concrete mix designs:
LEED 1 4000 PSI 20% RCA MRWR .50 W/C 6″ Slump
LEED 2 4000 PSI 20% RCA MRWR .50 W/C 6″ Slump “Air”
LEED 3 4500 PSI 20% RCA MRWR .45 W/C 6″ Slump “Air”
LEED4 4500 PSI 20% RCA MRWR .45 W/C 6″ Slump
LEED 5 “SCC” 7000 PSI 20% RCA Type III – H.E.VMAHR .45 W/C”Air” (Self-Consolidating Concrete)
LEED 6 4500 PSI 20% RCA 20% Fly Ash MRWR .45 W/C 6″ Slump “Air”
LEED 7 4500 PSI 20% RCA 20% Fly Ash MRWR .45 W/C 6″ Slump
LEED8 4000 PSI 4000 PSI Sidewalk/ Curb & Gutter 20% RCA LRWR .50 W/C 4″ Slump “Air”
LEED9 4000 PSI 4000 PSI Slip-FormCurb & Gutter 20% RCA VMALR .45 W/C 1″ Slump “Air”


LEED NC Requirement:
Use building products that have been extracted, harvested or recovered, as well as manufactured,
within 500 miles of the project site for minimum of 10% or 20% (based on cost) of the total materials value. If only a fraction of the product is extracted, harvested or recovered and manufactured locally, then only that percentage (by weight) shall contribute to the regional value.

LEED CI Requirement:
Use a minimum of 20% of the combined value of all construction materials and products that are manufactured regionally within a radius of 500 miles. An additional LEED Credit point can be earned if you use a minimum of 10% of combined value of products extracted, harvested, recovered, or manufactured within 500 miles.

LEED Ready-Mixed Concrete Contribution:
Eighty Five percent (85%) by total weight of the LEED concrete mix designs have been extracted and manufactured within a 500-mile radius from all of our plants. MR Credit 5.1, 5.2 LEED NC and MR Credit 5.2 for LEED CI.  This is dependent upon the plant location where the product is produced.

Recycled content varies by color for some products due to the recycled content of the material components utilized.