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Alaska Soil Recycling

Alaska Soil Recycling, a division of Anchorage Sand & Gravel, Co., Inc., pioneered the first thermal remediation service in Alaska. ASR provides services to a diverse group of clients: oil and gas, construction, municipal, state and federal agencies, military, financial institutions, and the private sector. Our facility has treated more petroleum-contaminated soil than any other within the state of Alaska.

ASR's provides the only fully bonded facility recognized by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation in the state of Alaska.


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Alaska Soil Recycling:

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Setting Industry Standards

ASR has participated as an advocate of the private sector with the State and as the regulations have developed. As a result, our model and standards have become most favored by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) while maintaining an unmatched compliance record.

Other value added qualities that set our process apart are:

  • Engineered and State certified stockpiling pad
  • Monitoring and security
  • In-house laboratory sieve analysis
  • Post-treatment remediation results reported by a qualified impartial third party
  • Recycling and reuse for remediated soils
  • Preprocessing capabilities to segregate deleterious materials from impacted soil before treatment.

ASR's policy is to treat soils to the ADEC's most restrictive levels, effectively allowing unrestricted reuse. The remediated soils are made available to the construction industry, individuals, non-profit organizations, charities, and businesses; therefore, avoiding the consumption of valuable landfill space.