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KeystoneLOGO286Keystone Compac® II

Keystone Compac II Series units are made of high-strength, low-absorption concrete for long-lasting structures.

All structural units are interconnected using high-strength fiberglass pins for strong shear connection. The connecting pins allow for ease of unit alignment and secure positive mechanical connection with soil reinforcement materials.

Keystone's patented pin system is the critical difference providing the safety and security of a structural retaining wall solution.

  • KS Compac Wall - Straight Face
  • KS Compac Wall - Straight Face
  • KS Compac Wall - Tri-Face
  • KS Compac Wall - Tri-Face

Keystone Compac II Stone is offered in Tan, Rose or Gray color with either a straight face or tri-face front.

Specifications:                 Minimum 3000 psi (21 MPa)
Absorption:                      8 percent
Reference Standards:     ASTM C-1372


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