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ModerraLogo_newMortarless Masonry Veneer

Moderra™ is a revolutionary system for incorporating masonry into building design and construction. Moderra's patented H-channels and brackets allow either vertical or horizontal installation, and require no mortar.

It is simpler, less labor intensive, and more economical than traditional masonry veneers. No mortar also means all weather construction and less costly delays.

Moderra™ can be used on new construction or renovations, and can be installed by the building erector or general contractor, thus eliminating costly subcontractors.

Moderra Masonry Veneer advantages:

  • Endless design flexibility.
  • Build horizontal and vertical together.
  • Mix different block size and different colors together.
  • A mortarless masonry product – No Mason needed.
  • All weather construction, no seasonal delays.
  • No expansion joints needed.
  • Moderra blocks are manufactured with tight tolerances (1/32nd in.).
  • Constructs 50% faster than mortared concrete.
  • Anyone can build Moderra, ideal for contractors/carpenters.