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Pipe Brace


The Dayton Superior Wall Braces are all-steel, heavy-duty wall braces designed to quickly and easily align and brace tilt-up wall panels.

Rough adjustment of thebraces is easily accomplished by telescoping the pipes to the nearest incremental hole. Final adjustment is then achieved by simply turning the brace.

Dayton Superior wall braces are available in numerous sizes to provide a continuous range of panel heights of fifty feet or more.

Product Number Description Size Available for Rent?
DST14 B6  Pipe Brace B-6  10 ft - 14 ft Yes
DST14 B2 Pipe Brace B-2 13 ft - 20 ft 6 in Yes
DST14 B5 Pipe Brace B-5 22 ft 6 in - 39 ft Yes

Rentals are based on a 28-day minimum.

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