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Insulated Concrete Forms:




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Technical Information

A Green Choice

  • High savings in energy costs

  • Longer building lifespan

  • Does not emit VOCs

  • Contributes to LEED® credits

  • Contributes to major building programs, including Building America Program,
    ENERGY STAR®, Novodimat®,
    NAHB National Green Building StandardTM

Your reduced energy use will create less greenhouse gas every year, helping to contribute to a better planet for generations to come.


Coming Soon: Fox Blocks

ICF - Insulating Concrete Forms

Energy efficient: The combination of insulation and the concrete core acts as a mass wall and blocks air infiltration, allowing buildings to save significantly on their heating and cooling costs

Flexible: ICFs are a lightweight rigid foam insulation block. Walls can be designed tall, short, of varying thicknesses and with any curve or shape

Fast build - lower cost: You don't need additional air or vapor barriers or external insulation; and the stay-in-place insulation lets you place concrete in cold weather without additional heating or curing

Superior Structures: Structures build with ICFs are up to 25% stronger than other concrete walls, helping withstand earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes

Green: ICF products are made with recycled materials and can contribute LEED credits. They improve indoor air quality and emit no volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

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