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ARXXTM Insulated Concrete Forms:

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What are ICFs?

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A Green Choice

  • High savings in energy costs

  • Longer building lifespan

  • Does not emit VOCs

  • Contributes to LEED® credits

  • Contributes to major building programs, including Building America Program,
    ENERGY STAR®, Novodimat®,
    NAHB National Green Building StandardTM

ARXX ICF Energy Savings

ARXX ICF Energy Analysis


Your reduced energy use will create less greenhouse gas every year, helping to contribute to a better planet for generations to come.


Technical Information

ICF - Insulating Concrete Forms

Energy efficient: The combination of insulation and the concrete core acts as a mass wall and blocks air infiltration, allowing buildings to save significantly on their heating and cooling costs

Flexible: ICFs are a lightweight rigid foam insulation block. Walls can be designed tall, short, of varying thicknesses and with any curve or shape

Fast build - lower cost: You don't need additional air or vapor barriers or external insulation; and the stay-in-place insulation lets you place concrete in cold weather without additional heating or curing

Superior Structures: Structures build with ICFs are up to 25% stronger than other concrete walls, helping withstand earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes

Green: ARXX products are made with recycled materials and can contribute LEED credits. They improve indoor air quality and emit no volatile organic compounds (VOCs)


ARXX Prime 6 inch Standard
Prime 6" Standard
ARXX Prime 90 deg 6 inch Corner
Prime 6" Corner 90o
ARXX Prime 8 inch Standard
Prime 8" Standard
ARXX Prime 90 deg 8 inch Corner
Prime 8" Corner 90o
ARXX Prime 8 inch Standard 12 inch high
Prime 8" Std., 12" high
ARXX Prime 8 inch Corner 12 inch high
Prime 8" Corner 90o, 12" high
ARXX Prime Lok
Prime Lok
ARXX Prime Hook
Prime Hook
ARXX Prime Claw
Prime Claw
ARXX Prime 45 degree Panel Connector 
45o Connector
ARXX Prime 90 degree Panel Connector
90o Connector
ARXX Prime Height Adjuster
Height Adjuster

Prod.#Description Length Width Height Foam WidthLbsPack-age
Prime, 6" Standard 48" 11-1/2" 16-3/4" 2-5/8"7 12
Prime, 6" Corner
90 degrees
16", 32" 11-1/2" 16-3/4" 2-5/8"5 2L/ 2R
ARRE 060 ARXXLOK Prime, 6" Lok 96" 6-1/4" 3/8"-2.14 12
Prime, 8" Standard 48" 12-1/2" 16-3/4" 2-3/8"7 12
Prime, 8" Corner
90 degrees
16", 32" 12-1/2" 16-3/4" 2-3/8"4 2L/ 2R
ARRE 080 ARXXLOK Prime, 8" Lok 96" 7-7/8" 3/8"-2.14 12
ARRE 000 HOOK Prime, Hook 17.41" 4.32" 0.15"-N/A 250
ARRE 000 CLAW Prime, Claw 7.88" 5.91" 0.15"-N/A 250
AREB 1645 CONN Prime, 45 degree Panel Connector 47" 5.25" 3.5"-2.95 8
AREB 1690 CONN Prime, 90 degree Panel Connector 47" 5.25" 2.85"-2.45 8
ARBL 060 HEIGHT Prime, Height Adjuster 48" 2-5/8" 3-3/8"2-5/80.34 50



ARXX Edge Standard  
Edge Standard (2 panels/form)

ARXX Edge 4 inch Connector ARXX Edge 5 inch Connector ARXX Edge 6 inch Connector ARXX Edge 8 inch Connector ARXX Edge 10 inch Connector ARXX Edge Splice Connector
 4" Connector    5" Connector   6" Connector    8" Connector     10" Connector     Splice Conn.

Prod.#Description Length Width Height Foam WidthLbsPack-age
AREB 160 STD Edge, Standard 48" 2-1/2" 16" 2-1/2"5.8 6

Prod.#Description Package
AREB 040 CONN Edge, 4" Connector 1,000
AREB 050 CONN Edge, 5" Connector 1,000
AREB 060 CONN Edge, 6" Connector 500
AREB 080 CONN Edge, 8" Connector500
AREB 100 CONN Edge, 10" Connector 500
AREB 0S0 CONN Edge, Splice Connector 1,000



Turn your basement into a comfortable living space

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is an easy-to-install basement finishing system. Simply attach the panels to the walls using attachment points and reFIT accessories.

Electrical installation is simplified and drywall or gypsum board can be attached to the reFIT panels with embedded fastening strips.

A complete reFIT wall assembly provides continuous R13.9 insulation and helps seal the foundation wall from unwanted air filtration.

Why use reFIT?
Why use reFIT?
reFIT Installation Guide
Installation Guide

reFIT Installation Video
Watch the reFIT Installation Video

Prod.#Description Packaging
AREB 00R COMBO reFIT Combo Pack 50 clips/ 35 shims


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