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New technology reduces the weight of the forms, making them easier to handle, set, strip and discard.

And now with RainGuard paper technology,Sonotube round concrete forms stand strong even in wet weather. Set today and pour tomorrow.

The superior strength-to-weight properties of Sonotube forms prevent blowouts and may eliminate the need to use a crane during setup.

For more information visit:
Sonotube Round Concrete Tubes and Forms Web Site
Product Information
Product Specification

Sonotubes must be purchased in full lengths.
SPK SON 06X1446 in12 ft8.4 lbs
SPK SON 08X1448 in12 ft12.0 lbs
SPK SON 10X14410 in12 ft18.0 lbs
SPK SON 12X14412 in12 ft21.6 lbs
SPK SON 16X14416 in12 ft33.6 lbs
SPK SON 18X14418 in12 ft43.2 lbs
SPK SON 20X14420 in12 ft48.0 lbs
SPK SON 24X14424 in12 ft64.8 lbs
SPK SON 30X14430 in12 ft102.0 lbs
SPK SON 36X14436 in12 ft123.6 lbs
SPK SON 48X14448 in12 ft192.0 lbs
SPP RO 08X4S8 in4 ft4.0 lbs
SPP RO 10X4S10 in4 ft6.0 lbs
SPP RO 12X4S12 in4 ft7.2 lbs
Test Cylinders:
DLTC 636 L6DW6 in 36 per carton



For Use in:
  • Mobile homes
  • Decks
  • Wharfs
  • Sunrooms
  • Carports
  • Sheds
  • Barns
  • Greenhouses
  • Pole barns
  • Patios
  • Fences
  • Portable signs
  • More. . .

The BIGFOOT SYSTEM is a cone shaped footing form made of light weight recycled high density polyethylene plastic, which replaces the traditional wooden boxes. BIGFOOT saves time, money and aggravation in a variety of ways while providing greater structural stability, strenght and safety for the poured construction tube footings.

BIGFOOT is simply attached to the construction tube by 3 to 4 screws, then placed into the ground on 4 to 6 inches of crushed rock and leveled. Once it has been inspected by the building inspector, if necessary, it is backfilled for safety and convenience, then poured as one unit using another BIGFOOT, upside down, on top of the construction tube as a funnel. This method eliminates air pockets, possible frost heaves and effectively sheds water away from the footing. The volume of concrete used is marked on each BIGFOOT.

For more information visit Bigfoot Systems® Footing Forms or call our Sales Counter: (907) 267-5161.

Prod#DiameterFitsCubic foot
FSBG 2424 in Base8" - 10" SonotubesHolds 2.50 cu.ft.
FSBG 2828 in Base10" - 12" SonotubesHolds 3.25 cu.ft.
FSBG 3636 in Base12" - 18" SonotubesHolds 6 cu.ft.

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